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Our office is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We provide you with digital x-rays, where the pictures of your teeth are almost immediately displayed on a computer. You no longer have to sit and wait for x-ray films to develop. Because of the sensitivity of the digital x-ray, your exposure to x-rays are cut almost 75% or more. Furthermore, our office is equipped with flat wall mounted TV's, intraoral cameras, 3-D movie glasses, comfort pillows and cordless head phones for providing our patients with entertainment while they are receiving dental treatment.

The Waterlase MD is a revolutionary dental device that uses a combination of YSGG laser energy and water, a process called HydroPhotonics, to perform many traditional dental procedures with less anesthetic. By enabling a less invasive, more precise form of treatment that preserves healthy tooth structure, the Waterlase MD transforms the experience for you.

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